Ear and Earlobe Reduction (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty is an outpatient surgical procedure that effectively corrects “outstanding” or protruding ears. The procedure moves the protruding portions of the ear closer to the side of the head giving patients a more aesthetic and sophisticated look. The incision is hidden behind the ears.

If you are bothered by earlobes that are too long or stretched, consider an earlobe reduction surgery with Dr. Hopping.

We perform this outpatient procedure in our fully certified surgical suite under sedation or local anesthesia. The procedure time is 2 hours. With today’s hairstyles, otoplasty has become an increasingly popular surgery for men and women.

Ear and Earlobe Reduction (Otoplasty) Recovery

Patients wear a headdress for one night that is removed the next day. For the following week, patients wear a scarf or tennis headband at home and at night. Many patients return to work within 5 days.

Ear and Earlobe Reduction (Otoplasty) Expected Results
Dr. Hopping has published his otoplasty techniques demonstrating the natural, more sophisticated look achieved with this procedure. The ears sit closer to the side of the head and appear smaller and less protruding.

“Otoplasty has a very high satisfaction rate,” says Dr. Hopping. “Patients are thrilled with the results, which should last a lifetime. By the way, I have had this procedure and am still pleased with the improvement,” says Dr. Hopping.

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