Laser Neck Lift

Many patients have necks that age faster than they rest of their faces. Men in particular, often have isolated neck issues, with lax skin and double chins. Both these groups are good candidates for a laser-assisted neck lift, a minimal incision surgical procedure performed in our office under local anesthesia.

A Laser Neck Lift is also good for younger patients with double chins or men who don’t want a facelift but want their necks tightened.

Laser neck liftLaser Neck LiftLaser Neck Lift

The Procedure

Laser neck lift is a limited incision procedure with incisions hidden behind the ears and no visible scars.

A small, one millimeter laser fiber is passed under the skin to vaporize fat and more importantly tighten the skin. Recovery is quick with some mild bruising for three to seven days. A laser neck lift can be easily combined with other procedures such as a lower face lift or chin augmentation.

Laser Neck LiftLaser Neck Lift

Expected Results

Studies have suggested that this laser technology can give an additional 18% skin tightening, which is a game changer. Laser neck lift eliminates the appearance of jowls, wrinkles and horizontal bands of skin on the neck.

Find out if you could benefit from this procedure. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Hopping today.

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