Lip Lift

Lips are In! A lip lift creates a fuller, more youthful, sensual look in vogue today. Fillers alone do a great job of instantly giving that younger, more attractive look.

However, the aging process can result in less volume, and a longer upper lip giving that loss of a “full teeth” smile patients once enjoyed.

Enter the Lip Lift. Performed under light sedation or local anesthesia, the surgical lip lift restores lip fullness and a full smile. The incision is hidden under the base of the nose and, in nearly all cases, heals unnoticed. Dr. Hopping performs lip lifts frequently as a separate procedure or with other facial rejuvenation.

During your consultation, Dr. Hopping will carefully measure the proportions of your lips to ensure a balanced and personalized outcome. The lip lift procedure takes about 1 hour.

Lip Lift Recovery

Lip augmentation with fillers requires little to no downtime. Patients often go back immediately to work or the classroom. Surgical lip lifting does have some bruising and swelling that diminishes in 6-7 days.

Lip Lift Expected Results

Both fillers and lip lifts enhance the lips’ balance, proportion and shape, making them look plumper and fuller. “Lip filling and lifting results are subtle but often dramatic for this area of our faces,” says Dr. Hopping.

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