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Hair Restoration and Transplantation

Hair Restoration and Transplantation

Let’s face it, nobody wants to lose their hair. For many people, good hair signifies youth, strength and virility.

Unfortunately, nearly 50% of men and 30% of women experience progressive hair loss. Genetics is usually the cause, but other medical conditions also need to be explored.

Dr. Hopping has studied hair his entire professional life and is board certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration. His approach is to diagnose the cause of each patient’s hair loss carefully and formulate a successful treatment plan combining state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatments.

If transplantation is the answer, we offer the latest FUE and FUT techniques designed to fit every individual hair style and goal. Dr. Hopping and his highly experienced team perform these outpatient procedures in our certified surgical center. The surgery takes 6-8 hours for maximum hair rejuvenation.

The procedure is performed under local sedation anesthesia at our AAAHC-certified surgery center.

hair transplantation before after photos
Hair Transplantation - This is Dr Hopping before and 12 months after his hair transplant. "It really works!"

Hair Restoration and Transplantation Recovery

The patient’s hair is shaved in the donor areas, and many men shave their entire head to facilitate the procedure. The hair grows back to a “buzz” cut length in 10 days. Scabs in the donor and recipient areas disappear in 7-10 days.

Many patients wear hats during this healing period to provide camouflage. Patients take antibiotics to prevent infection and pain medication as needed. Most patients are back in the gym within 2 weeks.

Hair Restoration and Transplantation Results

The newly transplanted hair follicles remain dormant for 3-4 months before the new hairs emerge. They grow a tenth of an inch a month, so it takes a year before the new hair can be fully appreciated.

Dr. Hopping adds PRP during the transplant session as there is evidence that it can speed new hair growth. The new hair can give density to thinning areas and coverage to bald ones.

The good news is that these transplanted hairs will stay with you for most of your life.