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PRP for Hair Loss

PRP for Hair Loss

PRP is derived from patients own blood and is used to treat many degenerative conditions. In the plastic surgery arena, PRP’s powerful stem cells and growth factors can be an effective tool to rejuvenate thinning hair and aging faces.

Treatments are outpatient and take approximately 1 hour. Patient return to their regular activities immediately and there is usually no down time. Dr. Hopping often combines PRP injections with other nutrient factors to boost efficiency and results. This is traditional done with needle injections but is now also available with the new revolutionary TED no-needle system.


Nearly all patients return to their usual activities following treatment. Bruising is possible as with any injection but is rarely seen. We offer laughing gas inhalation anesthesia for anxious or needle phobic patients.

Expected Results

We recommend a series of three treatments for thinning hair conditions for optimal results. Hair regrowth occurs over 6-12 months after the initial treatment series. Positive responders receive an annual booster therapy.

For facial rejuvenation, we recommend biannual treatments to maintain results. “PRP therapy to reverse hair loss and facial aging has been a game changer for many patients. I love the fact that each patient’s PRP is and unique healing powers are targeting and often reversing these unwanted signs of aging.” – Dr. Hopping