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Hair Transplant for Women

Hair Transplant for Women

Although 50% of men suffer from progressive hair loss, 30% of women are afflicted by this condition as well. Good hair signifies youth, beauty, femininity and many women, just like men, are depressed from continued hair thinning and loss.

For men, genetics is usually the cause of hair loss, but in women there are often other medical conditions that need to be explored. Conditions such as low thyroid, anemia, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and autoimmune conditions need to be considered and excluded.

Dr. Hopping has studied hair his entire professional life and is board certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration. His approach is to carefully diagnosis the cause of each patient’ hair loss and to formulate a successful treatment plan combining state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatments. For early-stage hair loss, medical treatments are often combined with PRP injections exosomes and newly developed biologics. We also offer the revolutionary TED no-needle system effectively making these treatments painless.

For more advance cases, surgical hair transplantation may be the best solution. We offer the latest FUE and FUT techniques designed to fit every individual’s condition, hair style and goals. Hair transplantation surgery moves healthy hair follicles into the thin or balding areas. These outpatient procedures are performed in our AAAHC-certified surgical center by Dr Hopping and his highly experienced team under local with sedation anesthesia. The surgery takes 6-8 hours and is designed to give each patient the maximum hair rejuvenation, known as Dr.Hopping’s “mega” sessions.


Hair transplantation recovery is generally 10-14 days. The crusting around the new follicles disappears over this time frame and sutures, if used, are removed. The head is not shaved and the healing can be camouflaged with innovative hair styling or hats. Patients take pain medications as needed and antibiotics are given to prevent infection. Patients are often back on the tennis court after 2 weeks.

Expected Results

The newly transplanted hair follicles remain dormant for 3-4 months before the new hairs emerge. They grow a tenth of an inch per month so it takes at least one year before the new hair coverage can be fully appreciated. Dr. Hopping often adds PRP during the transplant session as there is evidence it can speed new hair growth. The new hair can give density to thinning areas and coverage to bald areas. The good news is these transplanted hairs will stay with you the majority of your life.