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Botox for Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet Treatment in Washington, DC

Crow’s feet are those little lines around your eyes that appear when you smile. As muscles move around your eyes, they create lines, and those dynamic wrinkles are often also reinforced by the loss of collagen as you get older.

Though crow’s feet form from making happy facial expressions, you’re probably not too happy about their debut! The good news is that they are treatable.

Does Botox Treat Crow’s Feet?

Indeed, Botox is a very effective non-invasive treatment for crow’s feet! This cosmetic injectable relaxes the muscles in the treatment area to reduce the appearance of those pesky lines. For optimum results, be careful to follow all aftercare instructions from your specialist.

How Many Units of Botox Do I Need for Crow’s Feet?

Every patient is a little different, and as a result the number of units you need may be different than someone else. Most patients generally need 10 to 12 units of Botox per eye for a total of 20 to 24 units. Men may need slightly more because their muscles are often larger and need more of the injectable to effectively prevent muscle movement.

When Will I See Botox for Crow’s Feet Results?

Results should appear within days of injection, though it can be up to a week or two before you see your remarkable final results from Botox for crow’s feet. Those results should last for three to four months, and you can follow up with maintenance treatment to prevent wrinkles from worsening.

Where Should I Go for Crow’s Feet Botox in Washington, DC?

Come to The Center For Cosmetic Surgery, where with a few simple injections our team can help you look younger without surgery than you thought possible.

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