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Dr. Hopping is the best plastic surgeon in the Washington area. He is very professional, kind and very skillful. I’ve been with him for over 15 years. He is very good at what he does. Highly recommended!

–Ann N.

I never thought that I would get plastic surgery in my life, in fact, I was an enabler of the stigma surrounding the practice. I went in for a rhinoplasty (nose job) consult as anxious as could be. However, Dr. Hopping and his lovely staff (shout out to Susie) made me feel at home. Dr. Hopping explained the procedure to me in great detail and showed me what my new nose would look like. Both of these things helped relieve my anxiety. Come surgery day, I felt incredibly confident putting the future of my face and appearance into his caring and adept hands. The surgery increased my confidence about my face, a big problem area for me, and it increased my overall confidence. For those of you who might be turned off from the very few bad reviews, think about how rarely that happens. He is beyond skilled and is extremely helpful to his patients. I will always recommend Dr. Hopping to anyone who is interested.


I had my first plastic surgery in 2003. It was not with Dr. Hopping-HUGE mistake. The plastic surgeon did not listen to my requests and instead did what he wanted to do. Rather than “fix” my wrinkled eyelids, he performed a forehead lift! I also wanted to rid myself of an ugly double chin. He performed liposuction under my chin, which left me with sagging ridges and wrinkles under my chin. Neither procedure solved the problems.

After 13 years of living with the unsatisfactory results I made an appointment with Dr. Hopping based on the recommendation of a friend. Dr. Hopping put me at ease from our first meeting. I told him about my past experience and what I wanted to correct. We talked about expectation. He showed me before and after pictures of his patients who had similar surgery as I was planning. The day of surgery he and I talked about the surgery in the waiting room –what was going to happen and what I should expect.

Later, after I changed into the gown and talked to the nurse anesthesiologist, Dr. Hopping came into the examination room and we talked some more. He then walked me to the operating room all the while providing encouragement. The results are so natural. I look 10 years younger. If I did not tell anyone that I had this surgery they wouldn’t know. I LIVE having a smooth chin – no ridges, no fat! No bags under my eyes and no wrinkled eyelids when I put on my eye shadow!

One of my greatest fears besides pain and bruising was nausea. Given that I do not react well to any medication with codeine and I was concerned about a reaction to anesthesia or painkillers. No need to fear. They listened to all my concerns and I did not suffer any bad effects. I had minimal bruising and pain. Dr. Hopping’s staff is superb, the front office, nurses, nurse anesthesiologist. All took great care of me!. I am so pleased with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Hopping to anyone contemplating plastic surgery.

–Dianne S.

I would give Dr. Hopping 10 stars if this were available! He has been my go-to doctor for help in different areas for over 10 years, I’m in my mid fifties, work out and take great care of myself in every way. My face was really getting me down, after raising a family and living thru a long divorce I needed a fresh start and I got what I wanted (more than one time!) This doctor changes people’s lives by changing the way his patients feel about how they look. Living in DC is stressful and life can leave marks on one’s face — that does not mean I have to carry them into my future! I’m back in the game and I’m grateful to Dr. Hopping and his wonderful staff, there is absolutely nothing I can think of to help make this outfit better!

–Lydia R.

Dr. Hopping and his staff are outstanding. I had nose surgery to fix an injury. They treat you with respect and kindness. After the surgery I felt fantastic and I can breathe for the first time through my nose. Highly recommend Dr. Hopping. He is super kind.

–Tony C.

I was treated both with personal attention to my concerns and objectives, as well as with the kindness and attention that anyone having plastic surgery for the first time inevitably has. Dr. Hopping seemed to understand exactly what my concerns were and the results were so remarkably natural that my friends felt I looked remarkable, but acquaintances just kept smiling every time they looked at me, not knowing actually that I had had a facelift. This was a unique and wonderful experience, and my healing was quite rapid and painless.

–Dorothy R.

I have been seeing Dr. Hopping for the past 20 years for all my cosmetic needs. Prior to utilizing Dr. Hopping’s services, I searched out and interviewed a number of different cosmetic surgeons, after meeting him I instantly knew I wanted him for my doctor. Twenty years later, I am still satisfied, my first perception has proven to be right. He and his staff are so wonderful and caring. I would never go to anyone else. I would highly recommend Dr. Hopping. I have always had a great experience as a patient.

His front office staff, nurses, anesthesiologists are all top notch and have worked with him for years. I have had 3 surgeries, once yearly injections of Restylane and occasional Botox injections. All with amazing and natural results. Last month I turned 65 and no one could believe it! I owe a world of thanks to Dr. Hopping and his wonderful staff every time I look in the mirror!!

–Catherine W.

My experience with Dr. Hopping and his staff to remove my double chin was exceptional, from initial consultation to surgery followup. Dr. Hopping clearly described my options, showing before/after pictures of his clients to make things concrete. He was cautious in describing expected results, and the outcome for me was better than promised with no residual fat at all. Dr. Hopping and his staff are professional but are also very welcoming. I’m thrilled with my experience and recommend Dr. Hopping wholeheartedly.

–Alan A.

I am very pleased with my eyelid surgery! Thank you so very much for making my eyes look fresher and brighter — and, of course, younger. It has been almost three months now and everyday I look better. My friends have been very complimentary. Most think I have been away on a long vacation. After much ado about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, I tell them I’ve had surgery and then gladly give them your name and phone number. I appreciate your work very much. Again, thank you!

–Belvia D.

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