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Facelifts can be the most dramatic of all facial surgeries, especially when combined with eyelid rejuvenation. The procedure targets and rejuvenates the neck, the jowls, the midface and often the brows and forehead. Dr. Hopping’s facelift uses his published hidden “S”car technique and incorporates deep plane and SMAS lifting to achieve dramatic, natural, long-lasting rejuvenation.

The procedures are performed as an outpatient in our AAAHC-certified surgical suite. They are often combined with eye rejuvenation and our NOUVEAU PEEL Surgical time is between 4-6 hours.

Deep Plane Facelift Vectors. "Restore the youthful look stolen by father time. My favorite procedure." -Dr. Hopping


Patients return home or to their hotel the night of surgery and wear a bulky head dressing, which is removed the next day. The key to rapid recovery is total rest for 3 days. Sutures are removed after 8-10 days, and activities are limited for two weeks. Patients receive pain medication, antibiotics, and sleep medication for 3 days after which most patients only require Tylenol. No down dog yoga or golf for 3 weeks!

Expected Results

Experience and expertise are always the keys to consistently good results. Dr. Hopping has performed thousands of facelifts, and most of our patients are referred by other satisfied patients.