How Much Weight Can You Lose From Liposuction in DC?

How Much Weight Can You Lose From Liposuction in DC?

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work for your ideal body, there is a struggle with stubborn fat that diet and exercise won’t budge.

For years, liposuction in DC has been the go-to for those who struggle with excess fat, but is it meant for weight loss? And, just how much weight can you lose with liposuction, or lipo? 

How Exactly Does Liposuction Work?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes stubborn fat and reshapes the body for a contoured physique. Fat can be removed from many areas of the body, including arms, abdomen, buttocks, neck and hips. 

Is Liposuction a Permanent Fat Reduction?

That depends on you! Once the fat cells have been removed, they are gone for good. The goal is to keep the weight off with healthy living.

You need to continue to eat a proper diet and practice a regular exercise regimen to permanently enjoy the benefits of lipo.

Here’s the Skinny on Liposuction in DC and Weight Loss!

Liposuction should not be viewed as a weight loss surgery. Its purpose is to target specific areas of the body that need a bit of fat removal, not to help you lose weight. However, you can expect to lose one to 10 pounds from one liposuction surgery. 

It’s true that large areas of fat can be removed resulting in some weight loss, but this presents risks of serious complications, and most surgeons don’t recommend it. 

For the Best Liposuction Results, Choose The Center for Cosmetic Surgery!

Our goal is to provide you with top-notch care in our state-of-the-art facility. Dr. Steven B. Hopping is personally involved every step of the way!

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