How to Choose a Liposuction Doctor in Washington, DC for Amazing Results

Choose a Liposuction Doctor in Washington DC

If you have an interest in liposuction, chances are you already know how difficult it is to find the right surgeon.

Here’s what you need to avoid during your search and some tips for choosing the best liposuction doctor in Washington, DC!

What to Avoid

Before you can hunt for those green flags, you need to know about the red flags. Avoid a plastic or cosmetic surgeon if they show signs of these red flags:

  • The cost of the procedure is unusually low or they offer coupons.
  • They don’t honestly discuss risks, side effects or complications with you.
  • They don’t offer before / after photos of previous work.
  • They lack credentials or their credentials are unclear.
  • They offer no information on the procedure or recovery.
  • They try to upsell you on unrelated or unnecessary procedures.

Tips for Choosing a Liposuction Doctor

Finding a cosmetic or plastic surgeon is no easy task. Your safety should always come first. Here are a few green flags to keep in mind:

  • Their office and surgical facility are clean, modern, and hold the necessary licenses to operate.
  • Their reviews and before / after photos are readily available and portray successful real-patient experiences.
  • They are honest and trustworthy, guiding you through every step of your procedure.
  • They listen to you, answer and ask questions, and seem genuinely involved during the consultation.
  • They personalize results to your needs and goals, and don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • They promise results that are satisfactory, but not too good to be true.
  • They’re board certified with clear credentials and impressive experience.

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