Best Eyelid Surgery in DC

Why Was The Center for Cosmetic Surgery Voted Best Eyelid Surgery in DC?

It’s just a fact of life–with age comes lines, wrinkles and skin sagging. One of the first places these signs of aging can be seen is in the eyelids.

If you have noticed a change in your eyes, do not despair. Eyelid surgery is a simple but noticeable way to get that youthful gleam back in your eyes. What does it take to get voted best eyelid surgery in DC?

Who Votes?

A network of plastic surgeons is often involved in voting for the best plastic surgeon. A goal of these awards is to present patients with the physicians who are leading their fields based on research, reviews and recommendations.

They can recognize who produces the best results and who offers the best patient experience. 

Great Care From Beginning to End Is Vital When It Comes to Being Voted Best Eyelid Surgery

It’s not enough to simply perform a successful surgery. Planning before the surgery and the care afterward are also important in providing high-quality results. 

A consultation with your surgeon before surgery is essential. A good surgeon will discuss your needs and show you computer-generated of your potential outcomes. They should work with you to come up with the best plan for you to reach your desired aesthetic.

The surgery itself will vary from person to person since there are a few different types of eyelid surgeries. For example, you may opt for the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid, or both.

Recovery has a few stages. The most intense period only lasts a week after surgery and most patients recovery completely in about two weeks.

Come to the Place Voted Best Eyelid Surgery in DC for Top-Notch Results and Care!

For the look you want, come to The Center For Cosmetic Surgery for the best eyelid surgery in DC. Our surgeon, Dr. Steven B. Hopping, prioritizes high-quality care and has extensive eyelid surgery experience.

To make an appointment, call us today at 202-470-4619, and be on your way to a rejuvenated new you!


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