How Long Does a Facelift Last?

You look in the mirror, and don’t quite recognize the person looking back at you. Were those crow’s feet there before? What about lines around your mouth?

And are those actual wrinkles on your neck? If any of those sounds familiar, it’s time to consider a facelift.

Am I a good candidate for a facelift? What about recovery? How long does a facelift last? Keep reading to find out the answers to these and more questions you may have!

How Do I Know if a Facelift is Right for Me?

You’ll schedule a consultation with your surgeon to discuss your aesthetic goals and determine how you’ll best benefit from the surgery.

However, a patient between the ages of 30 and 75 years old who has firm skin with some elasticity and mild to moderate facial laxity is usually a great candidate. 

What About Recovery? How Long Does It Take?

Plan on resting at home for a few days after your facelift. You may experience minor bruising and swelling for about two weeks during your facelift recovery period. You might need a mild pain reliever as well. 

It’s important you follow all post-surgery instructions given to you by your doctor. Most patients find they’re able to return to work in about ten days.  

How Long Does a Facelift Last? 

A facelift isn’t forever, and unfortunately, the aging process continues on. Your results will depend on your lifestyle, bone structure, genetics, and skin type, among other factors.

In general, a facelift lasts 10 years, though in some cases, it can last even longer. 

Is It Safe to Get Another Facelift Later?

It is. There really isn’t a set number to how many facelifts you can have. It’s always best to consult with your surgeon when the time comes. 

Where Should I Go to Find the Best Facelift Surgeon Near Me?

If you feel it’s time to rejuvenate your appearance then we encourage you to contact us at 202-785-3175 to schedule your meeting with Dr. Steven Hopping.

Love your younger look with Dr. Hopping’s laser S-facelift!


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