Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack


A little bit of this cream goes a long way.

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This cult-favorite from Mizon is a lightweight gel-type cream that helps to nourish the skin. It’s concentrated with 74% snail extract, an ingredient loved for its ability to help promote the repairing of skin seen through the reduction of acne scarring, dark spots, and fine lines.


1. Mizon’s Snail Recovery Gel features a hefty dose of snail mucin—74% in this formulation
2. More hydrating than some of its sibling products due to the inclusion of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, panthenol, olive oil, and allantoin—all of which leave the skin feeling smooth
3. Centella and green tea are soothing and protect the skin from external damage.


Suitable for all skin types.

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