What Type of Anesthesia Is Used for Plastic Surgery?

Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery

Going under the knife can be a nerve wracking experience. For more invasive procedures, such as liposuction or a facelift, anesthesia is used to ensure the process is painless and comfortable for the patient.

Curious about what type of anesthesia is used for plastic surgery? Keep reading to learn more.

What Type of Anesthesia Is Used for Plastic Surgery?

Anesthesia works by alleviating anxiety and numbing physical sensation to keep a patient comfortable during a procedure. Depending on the type of surgery, your surgeon may choose one of the following.

  • Local anesthesia: If you’ve ever been to the dentist and had a filling or crown placed, you’ve experienced local anesthesia. This type numbs a targeted area of the body and prevents the brain from receiving nerve pain responses. Local anesthesia is administered via injection, and patients are fully awake and conscious.
  • IV sedation: Many plastic surgery procedures require a deeper level of sedation to keep patients comfortable and calm. Also known as twilight sedation, this type keeps patients conscious during the procedure but puts the brain and body into a twilight state.
  • General anesthesia: General anesthesia is the heaviest type of sedation used to perform plastic surgery. This type of anesthesia is most commonly used for lengthy and complex procedures. It renders the patient unconscious.

Now that you have an answer to your question, “What type of anesthesia is used for plastic surgery,” it’s time to book a consultation to see how to best address your aesthetic concerns. Then, your surgeon can determine which type of anesthesia is best for your procedure.

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Understanding what type of anesthesia is used for plastic surgery is one of the first steps in preparing for an upcoming procedure. The more informed you are, the less anxious you’ll be about the process. Whether you’re interested in body contouring or want to undergo a facelift, turn to the experienced hands of Dr. Steven B. Hopping at The Center for Cosmetic Surgery. 

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