Facelift Recovery

Facelift Recovery in DC: Days 1 – 30

To attain the best results possible after your facelift, it is vitally important that you take special care during your recovery.

There are certain things you need to know about different stages of your recovery.

Here is what you need to generally know about the 30 days of facelift recovery in DC, though it’s important you follow all post-op instructions from your surgeon. 

Facelift Recovery Days One Through Three

Immediately after surgery, you will need to rest and will likely need the help of others. You will have a follow-up appointment with your surgeon during this time, and they will change any dressings and take a look at how you are healing.

By the third day, you should be able to move around a bit more, though you will have quite a bit of bruising and swelling at this point. 

Days Four Through Six

The bruising and swelling should go down during this period, and you should feel even more comfortable moving around. Stick to light work around the house, and do not put pressure on yourself to do too much activity. 

Days Seven Through 14

Swelling, bruising, tightness, and numbness are all common at this point. These sensations are all just parts of the healing process. By the end of this period, you will likely be feeling much better, and you will be able to resume slightly more intense activities.  

Days 15 Through 30

Some swelling may still be happening during this period of facelift recovery in DC. Other than this, you will likely be feeling much better.

You will likely be able to see some facelift results at this point, though it could take up to 12 weeks. Feel free to resume more energetic activities, such as exercise. 

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