What to Expect During Your Facelift Consultation in DC

What to Expect During Your Facelift Consultation in DC

The first step to any good facelift is a thorough consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. What exactly happens at this meeting?

Read on to learn about what you should expect during your facelift consultation in DC. 

Prepare for a Conversation About Your Goals From Facelift Surgery

Come prepared to discuss what your goals are for a facelift. You should have an idea of what you want your final results to look like after surgery. It would also be good for you to come in with a general understanding of what kinds of results a facelift can achieve. 

You Will Review Your Medical History

Another important portion of this meeting consists of your surgeon asking questions about your medical history. They will want to know about any past surgeries and allergies that you have.

You will also be asked about any medications that you are currently on, as well as alcohol and drug use. 

Your Surgeon Will Perform a Physical Assessment

Your surgeon will do an examination of the target area. They will get an idea of the existing bone and tissue structure, so that they can assess which changes can be made. 

They Will Take “Before” Photographs

Photos will be taken of your face, and these images will be digitally manipulated to show you some potential results. Be sure to communicate about your goals clearly at this time. 

You’ll Have a Discussion of Process and Risks

Your surgeon will go over the process of the surgery, including surgery preparation and recovery. This will help you understand all of the steps involved in getting the surgery. They will also describe any risks or complications that can arise as a result of the procedure. 

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